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Understanding Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is the full range of human differences and similarities. Inclusion is the process of valuing and leveraging differences and similarities. Having an understanding of how leveraging both diversity and inclusion to create a culture that fosters innovation is critical to building and maintaining an environment that benefits everyone.

Principles of Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leaders value inclusivity. They lead by example and understand that inclusive leadership can provide a competitive advantage that is necessary in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Innovative Approaches to Diversity

Is your approach to diversity strictly based on compliance? Historically, most approaches to diversity and inclusion have been compliance-focused. Innovative approaches to diversity and inclusion can include education, enable strategic decision making and leadership led initiatives.

Is Your Bias Showing?

Awareness of individual biases is a first step to reducing and eliminating bias. While biases are something we all harbor, through thoughtful education and examples, we can identify and redirect hidden biases.

Cultural Competency for the Workplace

The ability to communicate effectively with people of varying cultures can lead to the creation and sustainability of a work environment that benefits everyone.

Effective Strategies for Workplace Conflict Resolution

While workplace conflict can oftentimes shine light on deeper issues, it is critical to know how to effectively work through and resolve conflict. Effective conflict resolution skills can lead to higher performing workgroups, stronger relationships and increased communication.

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