Exam Changes and Rescheduling

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Changing or Rescheduling Your Knowledge Exam

You must take the CDP® or CDE® exam within the calendar year for which you applied. The calendar year runs from January 1 to December 31. If you miss the Dec. 31st deadline for any reason, you must pay the Exam Change Fee.

Some testing centers may not be open on December 31st. Therefore, Candidates are instructed to plan for the exam with plenty of time for holiday schedules.

If, for any reason, a candidate does not complete the knowledge-based exam by December 31st, there will be a $350 exam change fee. This change fee only applies to Candidates who are currently enrolled, and it includes the 2018/2019 online version of the study guide. If you wish to purchase a hard copy of the most recent study guide, the total exam change fee is $500.

Rescheduling the Test

Exam scheduling is offered through PAN. You will receive a link in your email that allows you to choose a testing center within a certain radius from your home or office.

Occasionally, situations arise in which Candidates are not able to take their knowledge-based exam. There is no fee to reschedule the exam within 48 hours of the test. Simply log-in to the PAN system, and reschedule your exam.

Late Cancellations

Any changes within 48 hours of the test, however, is considered a late cancellation and will require a $350 exam change fee. There are no exceptions to this “late cancellation” rule.

Use the Learning Management System to Request an Exam Link

The Learning Management System will allow you to request an exam link in advance of your preferred test date. You can use the LMS to change the request at any time during the year. However, once you receive the exam link and schedule the test, you can only cancel in the PAN system.