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Customize Your Certification Experience

Customize Your Certification Experience

For Groups with 10 or More Candidates

You can offer IDC’s prep course on site! The Institute for Diversity Certification (IDC)® provides a personalized experience with diversity and inclusion certification when an organization seeks to secure credentials for a minimum of 10 candidates.

Customize the Curriculum & Candidate Project

You can elect to customize the course curriculum, candidate project, and exam to correspond with your organization’s specific competencies. Exams can be proctored onsite also. This option allows you to get exactly what your organization needs, while still achieving our industry-recognized credentials.

Call 1-800-983-6192 today to inquire about an onsite prep course.

Flexible Options for Three or More

You may also elect to utilize our online prep course if you have a group of 3 or more Candidates. Organizations with more than 3 Candidates may save 30% off the cost of CDP® and/or CDE® credentials when using the Promo Code: GROUP for online or classroom-based prep courses.

This Promo Code allows you to mix and match credentials, prep course options and exam schedules. Nevertheless, each individual can contribute to a “group” Candidate Project that benefits your organization. ​The Group Promo Code may also be used with the Self-Study option.

IDC offers a variety of ways for your organization to ensure that leaders, human resources, and diversity practitioners have the right knowledge and skills to facilitate inclusive excellence and sustainability.

Diversity and Inclusion certification provides transferable skills and management best practices in this knowledge economy, where diversity of thought is the order of the day.

The Benefits of Membership

The Society for Diversity has a professional membership option that provides FREE certification for 4 Candidates when you select a one-year corporate membership for 25 individuals.

What’s great about the Corporate Membership is that it recognizes that everyone in your organization may not require credentials, but many individuals can benefit from year-round membership. From monthly webinars to a weekly newsletter to one-on-one technical assistance, membership has its privileges!