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I was recently approached by an organization that is dealing with an issue involving one of its executive team members. It appears this team member is having issues with how he is being perceived in the organization, as well as making inappropriate comments to employees (which is probably part of the concern about perception, right?)

Anyway, I had a discussion with HR about the appropriate approach. Although the company acknowledged needing and wanting organization-wide diversity training, the HR Director’s immediate request was for 1:1 coaching for this employee. That way, this employee can self-reflect in an individual and intimate way on the challenges he is facing.

I’m going to be meeting with this individual next week to start our private, 1:1 sessions. When it comes to being self-aware of biases, it is important to remember that it is our own experiences and lens that shape our perceptions. The world in which we live is becoming increasingly diverse. As a result, our workplaces and marketplaces are changing rapidly, and in this case, it is crucial that organizational leaders are equipped with the appropriate tools to lead an ever-increasing diverse workforce and are responsive to an ever-increasing diverse customer/client base.

Do you know anyone that might benefit from 1:1 sensitivity coaching? If so, reach out and let’s talk. Sometimes, 1:1 training/coaching is what might be needed, vs. a group dynamic.