Felicia Johnson, MBA, CDP
Certified Diversity Professional

Did you know that inclusion is an economic driver?

Research indicates that organizations operating inclusively have stronger business results, higher employee satisfaction, and better talent pool selection. Our goal is to develop programs that provide a clear understanding of diversity and inclusion, offer inclusive practices, and advise on translating strategic goals into practical results.

About Felicia Johnson

Felicia Johnson, MBA, CDP (Certified Diversity Professional) is the Founder and Managing Director of Gatson Group, LLC. She is an experienced diversity and inclusion ‘architect’, with over 20 years of experience building diversity and inclusion infrastructure, vision, and strategy. 

Felicia’s corporate background includes roles in global organizations where she was responsible for creating and executing diversity, inclusion, training, and engagement strategies.

"I believe an organization's greatest asset is it's people. At Gatson Group LLC, we are committed to working with you to develop prescriptive approaches that are tailored to your needs."

- Felicia Johnson, Executive Consultant


Inclusive Leadership Education

Instruction offering key leadership principles and recommended behaviors that foster a more inclusive workplace.

Cultural Competency

The ability to interact effectively and respectfully with an increasingly diverse employee, customer and client base is key to business growth and sustainability.

Unconscious Bias

Increase awareness of your unconscious biases and develop effective strategies that leverage the talents and abilities of all team members.

Recruiting, Retention, Talent & Succession

Develop strategic recruiting and retention plans aligned with business needs and representative of opportunity and distinction.

Community Engagement

Strategies connecting your business and the communities you operate in.

Engagement Strategy-Execution

Effective approaches focused on capitalizing on the strengths and talents of all employees, while leveraging unique values, talents and skill sets.


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