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Networking takes place every day, all day long, in every facet of business. In fact, I would bet that you are networking even when you don’t think you are. You might say, you are networking unconsciously! No worries, you can get through it!

In my experience as a business professional, one who happens to love networking, I have identified a few pointers that have worked for me. These tips might come in handy the next time you find yourself asking ‘Why Network?’

RAISE YOUR VISIBILITY defines the word visible as “that can be seen, perceptible to the eye, apparent, manifest, obvious.” Think about it this way, if I am a division leader or a recruiter reviewing Linked In at this very moment (smile!), I can’t consider you if I don’t know you exist. So, it is critical you are visible to those who can have an impact on your career. Remember, YOU own your visibility, no one else. Don’t wait or depend on someone else to do this. You know what else? No one can do it as well as you anyway!


Let others into your world! It’s not only important to have connections but it’s fun too! And don’t be afraid to stretch outside of your industry or geographical location. People are people, regardless of industry, region, location, etc. You will find that the more you network, the more you will begin to recognize that you just opened yourself up to endless possibilities of ideas. Real living begins once we move outside of our comfort zone. GO FOR IT!


Networking can introduce you to people that might play a significant role in your career. You simply never know where people may end up or what role they might play in your life. And remember, while networking is not solely a ‘job searching sport,’ it can lead to terrific mentors and friends!

The next time you find yourself at an event and you ask yourself why am I doing this? Remember the above and GO FOR IT!