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Flexible Options. More Peer Engagement

IDC’s curriculum is updated every two (2) years to account for rapid industry changes, new terminology and legislation, the latest research, enhancements to best practices, and shifting demographics. In addition to up-to-date curriculum, we utilize the latest technology through our Learning Management System (LMS) and testing platform.

IDC’s LMS is multi-functional– providing a one-stop shop for ongoing D&I education, as well as serving as a tool to virtually connect you with peers around the world or allowing you to obtain one-on-one technical assistance!

Time for Preparation

The foundation for IDC’s educational approach is two-fold: (1) the bottom line (i.e., making money, saving money, and achieving organizational goals / the mission) and (2) sustainability (i.e., attracting and retaining talent, as well as demonstrating relevance in education, the community and/or the marketplace).

Generally, the certification process can be as fast or as slow as you want it to be. The Institute for Diversity Certification (IDC)® program is flexible enough to account for all stages of a career’s progression, as well as reflect the pace at which credentials are needed.

IDC’s certification materials can prepare you for the exam, as well as for success on-the-job. The following describes your options.

Classroom-Based Prep Course

The classroom course provides a deep-dive educational experience, whereby candidates may learn from the instructor, the materials, and cohorts. It is designed to challenge current paradigms and motivate candidates to strive for inclusive excellence.

This 3-day course is quite intense, as it covers the entire study guide and encompasses robust discussions about the nature of diversity and inclusion work. On the final day, participants present the concept for their Candidate Project and secure essential feedback prior to submitting the final version to a peer reviewer.

The classroom-based prep course consists of breakfast and lunch daily, a presentation binder, a hard copy of the most recent study guide, the live online exam review session, and the test. Candidates will also have access to the online tutorial.

Upon registering for the prep course, candidates will receive a listing of nearby airports and hotels. For the course offerings, click on Class Schedules.